The Steamie: artists turn Springburn laudrette into wash house tribute

After fire devastated Springburn launderette The Wee Steamie, owner Hardip Singh wanted to give the place a new look.

“I wanted something really different and stylish, not the kind of thing you’d expect in a launderette,” he grins.

“But I wanted it to be very Glasgow too, something attached to the history of the city.

“There used to be an old steamie just up the road from here, and many of the people who come here remember it, or remember their granny talking about it.

“So that got me thinking about bringing back to life some of the old steamie memories…”

Hardip, 35, hooked up with Unhinged Creatives, a new design company founded by Glasgow artists and illustrators Stephen McDermott and Alan Earlie.

The result is a stunning collection of wall murals and artworks, depicting scenes from Glasgow’s old steamies and tenements. It includes soap powder box adverts, women doing the washing and the ‘greetin’ faces’, a giant drawing of women moaning, with blackboard speech-balloons to allow customers and staff to add their own thoughts (within reason).

It is all hand-drawn by Stephen and Alan, and Hardip is delighted with the end product.

“One of my favourite bits is the clock tower, which they drew around the existing clock we had,” adds Hardip. “That clock has been there for four years and no-one has ever mentioned it – now everyone talks about it.”

Stephen and Alan set up Unhinged Creatives last year with the support of North Lanarkshire Council’s business support initiative Starting Point.

They met by chance, but discovered a shared passion for hand-drawn, imaginative art.

Alan grew up in Cardonald, and had always loved drawing.

“I set up my own custom trainers business after I left school and it really took off, and then I branched into murals and interiors,” explains the 28-year-old.

“It just snowballed from there.”

Stephen , a former Glasgow School of Art student, found his way into animation after a chance conversation in a pub.

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