Service Wash

Free up more time and allow us to pick up, wash and drop back off your washing. This is also ideal for when you’re coming back from holiday, moving house or when your washing machine decides not to work. Find our prices below and call us for more information.

Small (7.5kg/16.5lbs)£10.00
Large (16kg/35lbs)£16.00-£20.00
Household Items
King Size£16.00
Throw-over from£15.00
Winter Summer£22.00
Feather DuvetsAdd £2.50 to above
Mattress Topper from£16.00
Feather Mattress Topper from£18.50
Curtains from£15.00
Rugs from£20.00
Please call for items not listed above.
Sports Kits
Football Kits£12.00 – £16.00
Rugby Kits£10.00 – £12.00